About Become

Do good, feel good.

Our brand:

Chill and cheerful vibes, Become brings an instant holiday feeling. Even when you are at home and dream of nice trips, travel and so much more ...

Our slow fashion vision

Every Become item fits into a beachy wanderlust lifestyle. We bring cheerful lifestyle fashion and want to surprise with neutral designs that continue to score. Today and tomorrow. Every detail has to be perfect. We aim for more quality and less waste so you can attach more meaning to every purchase.

Our eco-friendly collections:

Become: from plastic bottles to clothing

The Become collections are mainly made from recycled PET bottles. Therefore we save raw materials and ensure that plastic bottles do not end up in our beautiful oceans. Each garment has also a tag that shows how many plastic bottles were recycled exactly. You'll be surprised!

Recycled polyester provides 75% less CO2 emissions than polyester, 50% less than organic cotton and almost 90% less emissions than nylon. Moreover, we only work with suppliers who can guarantee that our clothing is made under good conditions and that the employees are treated well.

Some of their certificates:

WCA certificate - Become partnersGRS logo - Become partnersBSCI certificate - Become partners   OEKO tex logo - Become partners  


“The plastic soup is dangerous for all marine and forest life. We must protect them.” 

Designed in Belgium, inspired by the world

The complete Become collection brings our beautiful travel memories and love for all the beauty of nature to you. We want to share small happiness in eco-friendly clothing for relaxed men, happy women and playful children.

Our colorful range full of prints consists of swimsuits for young and old, fun t-shirts and sweaters and trendy accessories (such as towels, weekend bags, toilet bags, bath caps and jewelery).

Our story:

Become tells a story of eco-friendly shopping, affordable clothing and blissful choices ...

Taking care of the environment and creating a beautiful world for our little ones, that's what counts, right? With Become you can do it without any effort. We are an eco-friendly lifestyle brand that makes you feel good through and with your purchases. You will feel comfortable and confident in our high-quality, stylish and eco-friendly swimwear and accessories. Even in those you expose the most of yourself, you experience a blissful feeling because you protect the beauty of animal and nature.

Our personal mission? We want to show that you can enjoy a sustainable and affordable lifestyle without sacrificing style or comfort by weaving the global plastic theme in a subtly and lightly way into garments with cheerful and colorful prints.