Hi gorgeous! We've got the solution for you.

Do you also spend more time in a t-shirt than in any other item of clothing? - we don’t count in underwear of course. ūüėČ Welcome to the club! We want to help you to find a t-shirt that really fits because… There is no simpler way to make your everyday look more fashionable than with a tee. Right?

No more worries about the dark art of sizing. This is our story behind our best-selling t-shirts for all your adventures. From the living room to the beach. From work to the backyard.

Tested and approved. We’ve got the solution for all the discomforts and bad experiences you’ve ever had. Let’s check the boxes: you want a t-shirt that…

- really stay tucked in, as they should - no need to buy high-waist pants to not show your lower back
- are so soft & comfy (in every possible position)
- become your second skin
- beautify your day & our nature 
- have a cut with side seams #femininesilhouette
- accentuate the lovely neckline
- fit on every body
- you can wear all day everyday. On sunny days or cloudly ones
- is strong & breathable
- holds it’s shape and colour 
- not a slim fit, but not too baggy as well

As you can see, a t-shirt is so much more than just a garment. Moreover it’s an opportunity to show your inner vibes. A Become t-shirt will not only fit your body, we want it to fit in your lifestyle as well. Pure positive thoughts. Your new ‘sustainable is sexy’ experience (OCS certified organic cotton) of being comfy without sacrificing style or convenience. Isn’t that just excellent?

Okay it’s clear. You can find plenty of joy in our t-shirts. Let’s share our handy guide why our tee’s will become your 2nd skin. ūüėČ


When searching a tee you don’t want it too loose because of the awkward shapeless look it gives. But also not too tight. No one want to show their least flattering contours or want to look too showy. We did our very best to design the happy medium: a regular fit/waist. Above all, all our t-shirts have a cut with side seams. Time to show your silhouette with proud!

And ow yes, due to the fine rib collar you can accentuate your neckline as well. Combining the best of both worlds? Yes we do! 

2. Length & weight

Let’s admit it. It’s so embarrassing when you expose your belly when you lift up your arms. This is the reason why our tee’s hang lower than your hips and 3-4 cm below your belt-line. And for the cherry on top, our t-shirts have a medium weight fabric. Weather or no weather. They will not abandon you.

3. The golden rule

Long live the golden rule of the shoulder fit to tell if your t-size is right. Everything falls into place when the seam along your shoulder extend across the centre of your shoulder to the very top of your arm. Go check it out, we’re happy to help you finding the right size. We promise, you’ll not be disappointed. It’s not for nothing that our size guide is based on practical experiences of daily life. That’s all what matters right?

Stop looking after the perfect tee. You just found them. You are just one step away of being kind for our nature & your skin underneath. What do you think?

Change starts here.

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